Classic Kitten N° 3 poultry 85g

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  • Balanced complete feed for cats according to the prey concept
  • Cat-friendly and highly digestible recipes
  • Finer consistency - ideal for kitten
  • More than 95% meat/or fish, innards and cooking liquid
  • Transparent declaration of the ingredients
  • Free from grains, genetic engineering and animal testing
  • Made in Germany🇩🇪

Composition:Poultry 69% (consisting of muscle meat, heart, stomach, liver and neck), poultry stock 26.65%, cranberries 2%, dandelion 1%, minerals 1%, safflower oil 0.15%, eggshell flour 0.1%, calendula 0.1%

Analytical components:Crude protein 11%, fat content 5.9%, crude ash 2.2%, crude fiber 0.5%, moisture 80%

Convertible energy:95.96 kcal/100g

Additives:Nutritional additives per kg:Vitamin D3 (3a671) 200 IU, zinc (3b603) 25mg, manganese (3b503) 1.4mg, copper (3b405) 1mg, iodine (3b202) 0.75mg, taurine (3a370) 1500mg

Feed in small portions depending on how much the cat requires until growth is complete.Then adjust and possibly ration depending on the development of the body stature.