CLASSIC N° 4 - Chicken & Pheasant 400g

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CLASSIC N° 4 - Chicken & Pheasant is a complete feed produced from fresh ingredients with a delicious and digestible recipe. High-quality meat, fish and offal provide dogs with necessary protein for a species-appropriate diet and all essential vitamins & minerals. Steam cooked to preserve nutrients and gluten-free, it is ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs. Molded meat and meat meal are avoided offering high-quality nutrition.
  • complete feed,
  • no molded meat,
  • no bone meal,
  • no soy protein,
  • no artificial colors,
  • no attractants,
  • no artificial flavours,
  • and no preservatives.

Composition:50% chicken (muscle tissue, heart, liver, stomach and neck), drinking water 25.7%, pheasant 15% (muscle tissue, liver), rice 3% pumpkin 3%, 2% berries; 1% minerals, rapeseed oil 0.2%, cress 0.1%

Analytical components:Protein 10.9%, fat content 6.8%, crude ash 2.1%, crude fiber 0.4%, moisture 76%

Convertible energy:115.91 kcal/100g

Additives:Nutritional additives each kg:Vitamin D3 (3a671) 200 IU, zinc (3b605) 25mg, manganese (3b503) 1.4mg, copper (3b405) 1mg, iodine (3b202) 0.75mg

3-5% of the dog's body weight per day.Please always provide sufficient drinking water.