No. 8 Pheasant & Duck with Chicken Cat Wet Food

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Complete food for adult cats

GranataPet Symphonie is a balanced, complete wet food for cats and contains an especially generous serving of meat. The tender chunks of fillet are delicately blanched and gently cooked during packaging. The cooking process produces the natural jelly, which contains precious nutrients and is enjoyed as a real delicacy by cats. This gentle production process preserves important vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids. The high meat content (made up exclusively of lean meat and liver) is enriched with premium-quality salmon oil and pomegranate seeds.



WITH pomegranate seeds cell protection

WITH taurine and WITH salmon oil

NO grain and gluten

NO wheat, no rice, no corn, no soy

NO added sugar

NO artificial preservatives

NO artificial colourings and flavourings

NO genetically modified organisms

NO animal testing


Chicken meat 49 % (consisting of chicken muscle meat, chicken stock, chicken liver), pheasant meat 24 % (consisting of pheasant muscle meat, pheasant heart, pheasant stock), duck meat 24 % (consisting of duck muscle meat, duck heart, duck stock), salmon oil 1 %, pomegranate seeds 1 %, mineral nutrients 1 %.

Analytical components:

Protein 11 %, fat content 5,7 %, crude ash 2,8 %, crude fibre 0,3 %, moisture content 78 %.