Discounted Classic Feeder Bowls -small

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by Pino

❗️All boxes have cracks❗️ All bowls are in good conditions💗

DESIGN - The shape of our bowl is shallow and wide so that whisker irritation and pain is avoided while eating or drinking. The shallowness also offers cats with short noses a comfortable meal.  And, it's not just for cats - the design offers small dogs the same comfort and convenience.

Especially for Cats, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Malteser, Yorkshire Terrier

MATERIAL Its heavy weight and non-slip finish keeps the bowl standing while eating. Made of the durable material polysand which contains up to 70% of sand. A very strong material that doesn't break easily.

HANDMADE Handmade in Belgium while supporting the social economy; each marble patterned bowl is unique! 

USE - Suitable for both water and dry, raw and wet food, can be used indoor & outdoor

PLEASE NOTE❗️Due to the bowls are totally handmade,  these bowls may not be perfectly round like machine-made products and may exhibit slight instability when placed on a flat surface. 

Made in Belgium

Small ø 18 cm - 4 cm high - 0,65 kg

USE - Suitable for both water and dry, raw and wet food, can be used indoor & outdoor

CARE - Has a soft texture, easy to clean by hand wash