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Are the treats made in Australia?

Yes, all our treats are 100% Australian made. We pride ourselves on supporting local producers and ensuring the highest quality standards.

Do you manufacture your own pet treats?

No, we do not manufacture pet treats. However, we carefully source all our treats from licensed manufacturers in Australia to guarantee top-notch quality and compliance with legal standards.

Are the treats suitable for human consumption?

Our treats are formulated specifically for pets and are not intended for human consumption.

As per the requirements from, all treats must be labeled as "Pet Food Only - Not for Human Consumption."

Are there any additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients in the treats?

No. We are committed to providing natural and healthy treats for your pets. All our treats contain no additives, preservatives, added suger or artificial colours.

Where can customers find the ingredients list for the treats?

All ingredients are listed under each product on our website and printed on the label of the product.

How to store the treats?

To maintain freshness and quality, we recommend storing our treats in a refrigerated environment in their resealable packaging. If refrigeration is not possible, store them away from direct sunlight to preserve their taste and texture.

Do you offer treats for dogs with certain meat allergies or limited ingredient options?

Absolutely! Understanding the importance of accommodating dogs with specific meat allergies, we provide a diverse range of different meats. This ensures that your furry friend has the opportunity to find a meat type that suits them without triggering any allergies. Additionally, each meat option we offer comes with a single-ingredient option, providing further flexibility for dogs with dietary sensitivities.

Do you have any recommendations for introducing these treats to my dog for the first time?

We understand that introducing new treats to your dog can be exciting yet cautious. To make it easier, we offer a special taster bag called "Surprise Me." This bag contains sample sizes of all our treat ranges, allowing your dog to try out different meats and find their favourites.