Canine Amusement Park Sticker

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The Canine Amusement Park Sticker, thoughtfully crafted by Baobao Pet Shop, is a delightful choice for dog lovers and sticker enthusiasts alike. With its generous size of 5x8cm, it provides ample space for featuring an array of adorable dog breeds. Whether you're a fan of fluffy Golden Retrievers, lovely Poodle Toy, or playful Dachshunds, this sticker has them all. With its precise dimensions of 5x8cm, it's versatile enough to grace various surfaces with its charming design. The robust 7.5μm thickness ensures not only a vibrant and detailed design but also long-lasting adhesion to any surface. Let this sticker showcase your passion for canine fun and the creativity of Baobao Pet Shop wherever you choose to apply it.