Canvas Scenic Stasher Puzzle Toy

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Perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages, Stasher’s unique landscape pockets are designed to hold and hide treats, stimulating foraging instincts while busting boredom through interactive play. Crafted from durable organic cotton canvas with cotton and jute rope frame, this plastic-free toy combines the safety of natural textures with a rewarding playtime experience.

Stuff the layered pockets full of your pup’s favorite dry treats. To increase the level of difficulty and prolong play utilize the deepest pockets.

  • Organic cotton canvas
  • Organic cotton/jute blend rope
  • 11" (27.94cm)x 8"(20.32cm) x 1"(2.54cm)

Handwash with mild soap and cold water, squeeze out excess moisture and air dry. Do not use hot water or harsh chemicals.

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Are Awoo products safe for my dog?

Absolutely! At Awoo, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our furry friends. All our products are carefully crafted with high-quality, non-toxic materials and undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards. We always recommend following the below safety guidelines when using your Awoo:

  • Felt toys are digestible but they are not edible. Always monitor play and chew sessions.
What are Awoo’s Toys made of?

At Awoo, we ensure our toys are plastic-free and provide tailored benefits for your pets. Crafted from durable organic cotton, jute, and humanely-sourced sheep’s wool, each toy combines the safety and satisfaction of natural textures with a rewarding playtime experience.