Discounted Classic Feeder Bowls- Large

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by Pino

❗️Boxes exhibit large creases❗️  All bowls are in good conditions💗

DESIGN - Measurement points are provided to learn if your pet is ingesting enough water or food. The stripes can also help to give your pet the right amount of food.

Especially for Golden Retriever, Husky, Labrador, Dalmatian

MATERIAL Its heavy weight and non-slip finish keeps the bowl standing while eating. Made of the durable material polysand which contains up to 70% of sand. A very strong material that doesn't break easily.

HANDMADE Handmade in Belgium while supporting the social economy; each marble patterned bowl is unique! 

USE - Suitable for both water and dry, raw and wet food, can be used indoor & outdoor

PLEASE NOTE❗️Due to the bowls are totally handmade,  these bowls may not be perfectly round like machine-made products and may exhibit slight instability when placed on a flat surface. 

Made in Belgium

Large ø 22 cm - 9 cm high - 1,40 kg

USE - Suitable for both water and dry, raw and wet food, can be used indoor & outdoor

CARE - Has a soft texture, easy to clean by hand wash