Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Cape [Y-shaped]

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This amazing product from Korea.

In veterinary medicine, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) has been used for decades on dogs to treat a variety of health problems. Never heard of LLLT? You're not alone. Most pet owners haven’t heard about it because it's only available through a veterinarian's office – until now. The Cirius Pet LLLT Y-shaped Cape and heart-shaped Pad from Korea can be used to provide this treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Cirius Pet Key features: -

Close contact infrared light – the close proximity helps the infrared light to penetrate deep into the joints and muscles to heal effectively.
Light weight – Easy and convenient to carry everywhere!
Durability – it's flexible and doesn’t break even if you drop it or your dog sits on it.
Multiple temperature control – 3 different adjustable temperatures (36- 38 degrees) to suit your needs.
Mesh Cover – the mesh cover helps to protect your eyes and prevent corneal injuries from the infrared light
Affordable – Saves cost as it can be used daily at home for pain management and maintenance.

Y-shaped easily covers hips, spine and legs/knees. Recommended 20 mins per session.

Electric power 2.5W-3W
LED chips 28dual chip (total 56)
Weight: 115g
Size 480mm*200mm
Voltage 5V
Electric current 0.5-0.6A
Wavelength 650 & 850mm

 *wireless connector sold separately*

Recommended for small dogs with a belly circumference of 45cm or less. It can treat both the patella and hip joints at the same time. If more than 45cm waist/belly, an extension (sold seperately) belt is recommended. 


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