Pupsicle Treat Tray

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Freezable treat mold for making your own Pupsicle treats! Quick to clean, convenient to fill, and a fun way to spoil your dog!

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, the treat tray pairs perfectly with the Pupsicle toy. 

Fill it with your dog's favourite food (wet food, broth, yogurt, and more), and pop it in the freezer to make 4 perfectly sized treats your dog will adore! 


  • Customise treats to what your dog loves!
  • Save money with DIY treats.
  • Less waste - use the tray and Pupsicle over and over again!
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


    small Pupsicle: 2.9" (7.36 cm) in diameter and 2.2"(5.58 cm) tall

    large Pupsicle: 3.6"(9.14 cm) in diameter and 2.8" (7.11 cm)tall

    X-Large Pupsocle: 4.78" (12.14 cm) in diameter and 3.8"(9.65 cm) tall.

    The treat tray's fresh look mirrors the image provided, ensuring a visually appealing presentation. In contrast, the current packaging maintains a conventional boxed design. To offer our customers a delightful surprise, we will select between these options at random, providing a diverse and exciting experience with each purchase.

    Questions for Pupsicle

    How is Pupsicle made of?

    The Pupsicle is made from a non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free natural rubber, very similar to other leading dog toys on the market.

    Is the Pupsicle dishwasher safe?

    Yes it is!

    How long will it entertain my dog?

    Depending on the treat you use and how focused your dog is. You can extend this by mixing kibble or biscuits into your frozen treats or by using Woof's pre-made, extra long-lasting Pops!

    How do I freeze treats?

    Since the Pupsicle opens in the middle, you can pre-freeze treats for when you need them later. Our Treat Tray makes it easy - just scoop in your favorite recipe (wet food, yogurt, etc.), put it in the freezer, and you’ll be good to go!

    Where is Pupsicle made?

    The Pupsicle toy is made at facilities located in China that we have thoroughly vetted to meet the highest standards possible.

    How do I know if my Pupsicle is a genuine Woof product?

    All Woof products have a unique icon of our original, trademarked Woof logo embossed somewhere on the product. If you don'tsee this logo, please reach out to us right away!