Spray Point Ceramic Bowl

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The spray point ceramic pet bowl, with its dimensions of 14x4cm, is a convenient and stylish addition to your pet's feeding area. Its ceramic construction makes it easy to maintain, as it can be safely placed in the washing machine for thorough cleaning, ensuring your furry friend always has a fresh and clean bowl to eat from.

While this pet bowl is designed for durability and aesthetics, it's important to note that it's not suitable for use in the microwave. So, when heating your pet's food, it's best to transfer it to a microwave-safe container. This bowl's practicality and visual appeal make it a perfect choice to provide a special dining experience for your beloved pet.


14 x 14 x 4 cm

All dimensions are measured manually, and there may be slight variations or deviations. For the most accurate information, we recommend referring to the actual product size.

Pre-purchase instructions

Due to the unique hand-firing process used in crafting these bowls, there may be occasional occurrences of black points, bubbles, impurities, or minor surface scratches.